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Meet Dimorphodon, the toothy pterosaur.

Discovered in the 1820s on the coast of southern England, by a young woman, Mary Anning, famed for her fossil-finding abilities, Dimorphodon earned its names for its distinctive dentition. Dimorphodon, the genus name, means “two-formed tooth” and refers to the animal’s two types of teeth: Long, curved fangs that jut from the front of the jaws, and a row of short pointed teeth that lies behind.

Learn more about this pterosaur.

I went to the member’s preview of the new Pterosaur exhibit at AMNH last night and it was full of jaw-dropping representations of these creatures.

Also a interactive/virtual flying thing that I wanted to play with but there were too many kiddos in the way. I’ll just have to go back! 

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