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Governors Island was extra magical today. 🃏🎪 (at Governors Island Alliance)


A Labor Day cartoon by Danny Shanahan.


"The Gateway of America, and the most dynamic expression of its lingering diversity has always been the city of New York."

It’s good to be back.


This is Masahiro Tanaka saying Hello Kitty before the game. You are welcome.

As if the 3-run walk-off home run wasn’t enough, now I REALLY wish I’d been at today’s Yankee game.

They were friends, just friends, though friendship counted for so much.

— Meg Wolitzer, The Interestings

It wasn’t easy to understand how the love between two other people could diminish you. If those two people were still accessible to you, if they called you all the time, if they asked you to come into the city for the weekend as you’d always done, then why should you feel, suddenly, intensely lonely?

— Meg Wolitzer, The Interestings

20 second success story

This evening, during a work happy hour, two female colleagues independently confessed to having a “friend crush,” or some such thing, on me. Because I’m smart and cool and powerful. Several other ladies complimented me on my new dress. Besides which, the CEO of my company told me the presentation I gave today was fantastic and my insights incredibly deep. 

So. I guess I’m doing something right.

It’s almost beach o’clock


What this country needs is a good mental insecticide, published by PM Magazine on June 11, 1942, Dr. Seuss Collection, MSS 230

(via vintascope)

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