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The mixtapes we made for ourselves were musical mirrors. The sadness, anger, or frustration you might be feeling at a given time could be encapsulated in the song selection. You made mixtapes that corresponded to emotional states, and they’d be available to pop into the deck when each feeling needed reinforcing or soothing. The mixtape was your friend, your psychiatrist, and your solace.

David Byrne, “How Music Works” (via thesoviette)

Nowadays I do this with Spotify playlists all the time.

Brought these back from California with me. The vendor boldly promised they would be the best kumquats I’ve ever had. It had been a few years since I had one, but I’m pretty sure she’s right. They’re sweeter and less bitter than I remember them being, and I should have bought at least 3x more than I did — a handful cost $1—but I didn’t have any more room in my bags. 

Anyway, they’re gone now and instead of four kumquats in this bowl, I have four kumquat seeds in a bowl. I was about to throw them away when I thought … hmm.. can I grow a kumquat (tree) from a kumquat seed? 

According to this, I can! 

Growing kumquat trees from seed is an easy and fun familyimage project. Kumquat trees are normally grown through grafting, though seed germination is possible. Kumquat trees are best grown in zones 8 or higher, but they do make excellent indoor container plants. Expect a kumquat tree about five feet tall. It is possible to get fruit within 5 to 7 years! Read on for the easy steps to grow a kumquat tree from kumquat seeds.

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Step 1 is “Eat a kumquat”! DONE.

I think I might actually try this, even though it will almost definitely fail and it will take a million years before I would even possibly get kumquats out of the deal. Something about it calls to me. Is that weird?

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