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When you looked closely at anything, you could almost faint, Jules thought, although you had to look closely if you wanted to have any knowledge at all in life.

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Remember LEGO’s announcement that they were producing a minifig set featuring female scientists? Well, that’s now a real thing, and you can buy it, like I just did!

I kinda want this.

Looking forward to some beach time soon. 

Art by Jean Jullien

Anyone need a slightly charred pizza paddle?


"Dear Aunt Myra - In New York today - have no time to call on you Love Ethel"
New York, NY
Postmarked 1911


Adore this.

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Enjoy Mister Softee Like an Adult with These Rosé Pairings


This may inspire what I bring to the next wine club.

my first time re-blogging myself?


“If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.”
Edward Hopper

love me some Edward Hopper. 


Next time we bake a cake, we’ll dress to match it..

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Earlier this month we signed our 500th client. To celebrate, michellereneepaul and I made this cake for our coworkers. As I walked home from our late night baking session, I had a series of cheesy thoughts about how working on this cake together was a lot like the work we’ve put into building PatronManager. A great idea, and a good, if not un-tested, recipe. Working with familiar ingredients in new ways. Yeah, we both got burned, but we were pretty optimistic about the outcome. And it was a hit!

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