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The Three Little Pigs each tried different methods for finding a job after college. The First Little Pig made his résumé perfect, the Second Little Pig applied to every place he could find, and the Third Little Pig opened another pint of Ben & Jerry’s and cried watching old Nicktoons.

Perfection. 8 years ago, I was definitely all three pigs.

So sweet.

I love that they look like they’re in my mom’s bff’s living room, where we’ve been celebrating Christmas since before I was alive.

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Cartoon by Amy Hwang. For more from this week’s issue: http://nyr.kr/RAiBlz

smart girls!

Happy Hanukkah!

Also, Daniel made this awesome .gif of me flipping latkes.

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28th October 2012

also, me last night, watching Season 2, episode 8. Gah.


Pizza Physics!!

Sure, folding (New York-style) pizza in half along its middle helps keep it from bending and dripping, but why? There’s some cool math and physics behind why bending thin sheets makes it harder for your delicious pizza to end up on your shirt or dripping down your arm.

Basically, stretching folded pizza is hard, and gravity just doesn’t have the force to do it! Pizza and physics, together at last!

By Colm Kelleher for TEDEducation

Scientific and Mathematical evidence that the way I (and all real New Yorkers) eat pizza is right and the way everyone else does it is WRONG!!!


“Hey,” Sebastian said as we scraped frost off the windshield. “It’s almost First Friday. We should go to Space Gallery, I heard they have this cool exhibit on the meaning of science through art.” 

This great new tumblr discovery, Your L.L. Bean Boyfriend (their bio: “He will build you a table and then have sex with you on it. Doesn’t get much hotter than that.”) makes me wish I were hanging out in a snuggly cabin in Maine even more than usual.

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If I were buying Kristen Bell a Chanukkah present, this would be it.

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